Main Business

Continue scientific and technological innovation, be brave in technological innovation, constantly try to improve the process, make use of the advantages of late development, create a production technology platform with high automation, mature process level and high process density, and maintain the technological competitiveness that is always one step ahead.

Crystalline silicon battery technology -- the mass production efficiency of single crystal perc battery is more than 21.7%, and the light attenuation of 5kwh is controlled within 1.5%; The mass production efficiency of conventional polycrystalline battery is over 18.9%;

Double glass module technology -- it is the first to realize the mass production of PVB double glass modules, and all technical indicators are at the world leading level. Won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award.

The company has national CNSA laboratory and t Ü V Rhine TMP witness laboratory testing platform; It has R & D platforms such as Jiangsu enterprise technology center, Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangsu Engineering Center, Jiangsu graduate workstation, and Jiangsu post doctoral innovation practice base. It has undertaken scientific research projects such as the national Torch Program, national key new products, National Natural Science Foundation, and provincial science and technology plan; It has won 3 national, provincial and ministerial awards, among which the "development and application of key technologies of crystalline silicon nanostructured solar cells and modules" project has won the third prize of the "Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award", and the "key technology research and industrialization project of large-scale grid connected photovoltaic power station with stable power fluctuation" has won the second prize of the "China industry university research cooperation innovation achievement award", The project of "preventing deviation of photovoltaic module cleaning system" won the third prize of the second national enterprise innovation method competition of China Association for science and technology. In terms of intellectual property rights, it has 163 valid authorized patents, including 18 invention patents.