Corporate Culture

Corporate Identity

The brand image is the development requirement of the internal and external of the brand, points focus into infinite symbols, on behalf of China energy saving "focus on resources and energy that have been neglected, achievements of ecological cycle and human harmony" mission and pursuit.

There are nine round dots on both left and right sides,which symbol of the diversified business, the strength of cohesion, and implies the traditional Chinese philosophy of “Universal Harmony” and indicates circulation and reincarnation.

The round dots blending in the middle, which implies communication, exchanges and cooperation.The Innovation of the overall brand image, full of vitality, shows the vitality of China's energy saving.

Corporate Culture


Converging photovoltaic energy, building a green home!

Photovoltaic industry is worth striving for a lifetime career, is the direction that we always insist, through the development and application of photovoltaic power generation technology, make contributions to reduce energy consumption and popularization of clean energy;

Tracking new technologies, implementing new technologies, creating new technologies, by promoting the transformation and utilization of photovoltaic energy, promote the upgrading of energy industry, to achieve the ambitious of national economic development and the environmental construction!


To create an outstanding enterprise that customer trust, employee happiness, social respect!

Customer trust is the booster for the development of enterprises. Only have the strength, have responsibility, have integrity,can the enterprises win the trust.

Employee happiness is the simple pursuit for the development of enterprises. Only have the ability, have growth, have life,can the enterprises happy.

Social respect is the basic goal for the development of enterprises. Only have the contribution, have love, have culture, can the enterprises gain respect. 

Excellence is a necessary condition to achieve the above objectives. Relying on excellence to win customer trust, employee happiness and social respect.

Core Value

Take the customer as the center, take the value creator as the basic!

Customer demand as the first responsibility, continue to enhance the competitiveness of customers and profitability as the company's primary objective of development! Focus and deep understanding of customer needs, continuously with excellent service and Lean quality to meet customer needs, deepen customer relationship, continue to enhance the value of customer resources!

Dedication and interest are the basic of creation of value;self management, self development are the key to enhance the value, value evaluation and incentive mechanism is the core of human centered management. Strengthening internal competition mechanism, professional ability and responsibility as the basis for the assessment, to create a high quality talent team with strong entrepreneurial passion, strong fighting force!