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Huang Guoping, General Manager of CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang: A Way of Cooperatively Integrated Enterprise to Break Through in Photovoltaic Industry

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Breakthrough of Cooperatively Integrated Enterprise in Photovoltaic Industry

On August 13, the 2023 Think-Pair-Share themed on "Breakthrough" was held in Nanjing. Huang Guoping, general manager of CECEP SOLAR Energy Technology (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang"), as the representative of guests, attended the opening ceremony of the grand conference and participated in the summit dialogue to discuss the key issues such as the coordinated development of the industrial chain with the big shots in the industry.

Huang Guoping said, since last year, the supply chain has fluctuated considerably. Module prices have fallen from RMB 1.6/W to RMB 1.3/W or below. It can be seen that every RMB 0.1 decrease in the unit price of a module, the investment in a 100MW project will be reduced by RMB 10 million, and RMB 0.3 decrease in the unit price of a module will result in a reduction of RMB 30 million. Therefore, the revenue will be higher if the project is constructed a few months later. As a result of the large price fluctuation, all the investers hold a wait-and-see attitude towards the investment in downstream power plants. In the photovoltaic industry, a stable supply chain is of essential importance for the investment in downstream power plants.

Amid the current situation, what kind of PV enterprise will have a better future, vertically integrated enterprise or specialized enterprise?

Huang Guoping believes that, at present, the PV enterprises who are provided with vertical integration conditions are competitive in the market. However, it should be noticed that vertically integrated enterprise entails huge investment in every link from silicon materials, silicon wafers, batteries to modules. Furthermore, the fast technology iteration in the photovoltaic industry may lead to the phasing out of technologies before investment recovery, the consequence of which is unaffordable for ordinary enterprises. Compared with vertically integrated enterprises, it may be a better way out to build specialized enterprises allowing cooperative integration. Such enterprise gives full play to its advantages in every production link, allows technological innovation, cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, and cost control, and aims at mutual support and benefit sharing, thus enabling both upstream and downstream enterprises to have appropriate gross profits and develop in a benign manner.

At last, Huang Guoping appealed to the enterprises in every link to work together, share benefits and make a breakthrough for the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry. Huang Guoping's speech gained widespread acceptance from experts and participants.

A new start marks a new journey; a new breakthrough reveals a new height. On the way of breaking through in the photovoltaic industry, CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang will try its best to understand the essence behind the appearance and master the laws of change to boost the transformation and upgrading of green energy and accelerate the development of the industry by applying technologies.