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Warm Congratulations to CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang for Successful Grid-Connection of Solar PV Project (EPC) at Total Plant

来源:中节能太阳能科技(镇江)有限公司 时间:2023-01-11 【字号:

On January 10, 2023, the 108.9 KW industrial and commercial distributed PV project of Total Lubricants was successfully completed and connected to the grid, with CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang as the general contractor. The distributed PV project of Total has an installed capacity of 108.9 KWp. The power output for the first year will be 115,100 kilowatts, the annual average power output will be 106,300 kilowatts, and the aggregate power output for 25 years will be 2,658,600 kilowatts. The Project employs 182 single-glass 550W modules produced by CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang and is the first distributed PV project of the Company in 2023.

The Project is located in Zhenjiang Plant of Total Lubricant China. It makes use of the roof and a photovoltaic car shed in the plant. In the Project, the power generated by PV modules is first converted into 380V three-phase AC through string inverters and then connected to the combiner box, after that, it is further connected to 0.4kV transformer in client's distribution room through cables.

In the whole process of design, procurement and construction, CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang, as the general contractor, strictly followed the standards and eventually completed the project with high quality and on schedule. PV power is a clean and renewable energy, and all the energy-saving indicators of the Project can meet the  relevant national regulations. After completion, the distributed PV project of Total will provide positive guarantee for local energy restructuring, speed up the planning and construction of a new energy system, actively and steadily boost carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, making its due contributions.