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CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang Appears Stunningly at China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Utilization Conference & Exhibition

来源:中节能太阳能科技(镇江)有限公司 时间:2023-03-23 【字号:

From March 20 to 22, the 18th China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Utilization Conference & Exhibition was held at Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang attended the exhibition and showcased its high-efficiency modules including "Qingtian", "Feiyan", "Nvwa" and "Yunchang" as well as its integrated energy-saving PV cloud platform ecosystem solution, attracting a mass of customers for business communication.

Shandong Province, as one of the major provinces in China enjoying a massive installed capacity of distributed PV, has a bright prospect for PV power development by virtue of its high-quality solar energy resources and sufficient roofs. China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Utilization Conference & Exhibition, by dint of its effective, professional, innovative and authorative brand image, and clinging to the trend of the industry, attracted numerous photovoltaic enterprises.

The lightweight flexible "Feiyan" series module exhibited by CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang is a light and thin module specially developed for distributed PV power plants, and can be widely applied to industrial and commercial color steel tile roofs, glazed tile roofs, curved roofs, etc. With beautiful appearance and high quality, "Feiyan" is well deserved to be a star product at the exhibition and  accordingly received most inquiries from customers and competitors. "Feiyan" series module is made of polymer flexible materials which can improve the flexibility of modules and allows a maximum bending radius of up to 0.45 m, suitable for surface with a certain curvature. It plays a significant role in promoting the large-scale development of distributed PV.

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In addition, CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang's colored double-glass module suitable for photovoltaic curtain walls among the "Nvwa" series and the all-black "Qingtian" series module targeted at overseas markets also appealed to visitors. At the same time, the products related to energy-saving PV cloud platform ecosystem independently developed by CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang also made a appearance at the exhibition with an aim to provide customers with pre-sale, in-sale, after-sale and value-added services as well as integrated product and service solutions, enabling the visiting customers and competitors to know that CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang has a great deal of products. After a meticulous inquiry, many customers and competitors expressed strong cooperation intention.

The exhibition greatly promotes the exploration of CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang in distributed PV market. Afterwards, CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang will keep studying, publicizing and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and meet the requirements of the Group Company for "enhancing capacity in the year" and the requirements of CECEP SOLAR for "three no-reductions and four improvements",  constantly enhance brand popularity, provide customers with more diversified and multi-scenario products, act as a role model and lead the green and low-carbon development, empower the enterprise for high-quality development, and help achieve "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality" early.