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Warm Congratulations to the Successful Grid-Connection of CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang's 7.85 MW Distributed PV Power Project and Actively Building "Zero-Carbon Plants" to Enable High-quality Development of the PV Enterprise

来源:中节能太阳能科技(镇江)有限公司 时间:2023-07-29 【字号:

On July 28, CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang's 7.85 MW Distributed PV Project was successfully connected to the grid. CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang's 7.85 MWp distributed PV power project covers a rooftop area of 51,910 m2 and has a design installed capacity of 7.85 MWp.

The project, consisting of three PV sub-arrays, employs the scheme of power generation in blocks and centralized grid connection. It paves PV modules on rooftop, canopy, PV curtain walls on external facade of M3 module workshop, and rooftop of R&D complex building and staff dormitory of CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang. The 21 string inverters across the PV power plant are connected to the grid through 2×2,500 kVA/20 kV box-type boosting transformers and 1×1,600 kVA/20 kV box-type boosting transformer.

Among them, the large-area PV module canopy and BIPV curtain wall are CECEP SOLAR's technological innovation demonstration projects in the industry.

The canopy, 25 m from east to west, 77.9 m from north to south, and 5.5 m high, is formed by direct and seamless splicing of PV modules on a steel structure. Such canopy can not only generate power but also prevent rainwater, and its easy operation and maintenance is also considered. Such long-span and high-altitude work, as can be imagined, is a great challenge to both technical design and engineering construction. By integrating various technical solutions, the project team eventually and successfully completed the construction of PV module canopy, which is an active exploration and practice for CECEP SOLAR's future distributed PV projects.

The 7.85 MW project was completed jointly by CECEP SOLAR East China and CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang, taking only 50 days from commencement on June 8 to successful grid-connection on July 28. During the construction of the project, employees worked together to overcome difficulties, worked hard to go ahead of schedule, and braved the rainy season in the south of the Yangtze River and the scorching and severe weather, eventually completing the tasks that could not have been completed in a short period and showing CECEP SOLAR workers' struggling spirit with practical actions.

After grid connection, a mode of "self-generating and self-consumption, surplus power connected to grid" will be adopted to generate good social and economic benefits. On average, the project can generate 7,524.17 million kWh of green power for the grid each year, saving 2,400 tons of standard coal and a large amount of fresh water, and reducing 5,800 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

Against the backdrop of continuous advancement of the "Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality" goal and the state's vigorous development of high-end new energy equipment, CECEP SOLAR Zhenjiang, as a national "green plant", will firmly establish the concept of green development, constantly increase technological innovation and investment, reduce energy consumption, and actively build "zero-carbon plants" to make greater contributions to the steady and healthy development of CECEP SOLAR.